New torrent link for Bima X 1-15

Old torrent links are dead.
Have a new one.


6 thoughts on “New torrent link for Bima X 1-15

  1. Fancy for some Bima-X discussion?

    I really don’t know what to think about Torga. They seem to want to give him a “I don’t know how you country bumpkins work” rich boy personality. Not malicious, but at the same time untactful and somewhat reckless. They hyped all this time this “Master” as if he were the most badass veteran ever, but I can’t match that image with the goofy face of Dimas’s actor. The suit, music theme and finisher is orgasmic, though.

    Magnetic Mode will be imo the most unused stone from them all. Its power looks a bit pointless (only good against the metal rhino), but maybe it will get better uses in the future. This show needs more stone swapping during fights instead of just sticking with one form the whole time.

    I miss Draconer. Topang Besi jobbing is suffering.

    • I think by “Master”, Ricca really just meant her boss, as the one she is working for and who took her when her parents died. I think it’s nothing more than just a silly use of a title.

      We might see some more Topeng Besi and his visions later and Reza is going to be the focus of next week’s episode.

      • After watching Dimas go Ice Toger mode, I’m pretty happy with him getting more spotlight in future episodes (at least until Azazel comes back from his trip to Parallel World).

        On other topic, I never thhought I would see a wayang kulit shaoed like Bima, that was a nice touch:
        I supose the real “Bima” is based on this figure?:

        Hope to see you Bima-Anon guys back on track with the subbing. Until then thanks for the discussion.

  2. Say, I was wandering something, the dvd version for Satria Gaurda Bima, the first season should be out by now, do you know if you are able to get them to redo the first season, since with all of the pop ups that came from the tv version? Or were someone could find raw version out on torrent.

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