Satria Garuda Bima X – 09 – 11

09 – MEGA | 180upload
10(v2) – MEGA | 180upload
11 – MEGA | 180upload

Here’s the patch for Episode 10. You won’t need it if you downloaded the v2, though.


13 thoughts on “Satria Garuda Bima X – 09 – 11

  1. Since /m/ is a bit dead regarding the discussion of indonesian karate birdmen, I might as well start here a bit of discussion: What is your opinion of Bima-X so far?

    -The acting of the idol playing as Ricca is imo horrendous. At first I thought they were trying to give her some “Kūdere” traits, but in reality her line delivery and expression is that bland and wooden. Kind of makes you appreciate idol’s acting like Rena’s or Koyomi’s (in Wizard). Worst of all, they are pushing her more and more to the plot, so she’s meant to stay, I guess.

    -Lady Mossa is best Dino. I love the hammy diva aura they gave her. I also like that right now there are three factions (Iron Mask, Bima and Black Lord). I expect either Black Lord or one of the Death Phantoms to go backstabbing mode, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

    -Wire-fu is still good and some (not ALL, but some) of the cgi scenes look pretty cool (like the one where Bima Storm flies toward the skelly ship).

    -Satria Harimau when!?

    -From the clips I saw, Earth Mode is powerful as fuck.

    -Are they having a Christmas related episode? (Is xmas widely celebrated in Indonesia?) Best thing of watching this show as a foreigner is to learn a bit of cultural trivia now and then.

    • Ricca’s acting is crap, I’ll give you that. The rest of the main cast are starting to get better for me. The dialogues in general are still pretty cringe-inducing, though.

      You’ll see more about the Death Phantoms and Black Lord in later episodes so I’d rather not spoil about it now.

      Fights and CGI are okay. The music’s a great improvement.

      Earth Mode is OP. It got BTFO though.

      Heard no news about the Tiger so far. I’d rather they have Azazel back to being useful for now though. And seeing that Earth appeared on episode 14, I expect Purple would come around mid 20s.

      No Christmas related episode, I guess. 15 just aired yesterday and next episode doesn’t appear to have a slightest hint on Christmas.

      • is it true about there is will be climax story of Azazel because Torga will replaced his role?

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