Satria Garuda Bima X – 01

bima x 01Satria Garuda Bima X – 01
MEGA | 180upload

There’s no ending song for this episode. We’re using public raws from another site currently because our capper has difficulties recording the video on good enough quality, so we will be using the raws from that site until then.

We also cut the top and bottom black section of the video because those raws apparently have watermarks on it, so we would like to hear from you about what we should do about it.


4 thoughts on “Satria Garuda Bima X – 01

  1. Maybe you should put credits in your releases when you used that public raw.
    (Actually, I’m here because waiting for your raw video since the public raw have some glitches but…)
    By the way, will you release a v2 with public raw v2 or your own raw?

    • I don’t think you understand or whether you just didn’t read the post. There’s no credits because that’s how the RAW was released. And we can’t release our own raws now that the episode have finished airing. So no v2s until we got this Bima X on DVD or shit.

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