Bima X

The press conference for Bima’s new season was held earlier today and we want to post a few things about it.

This new season will be called Bima X.

The characters from the previous season, such as Bima, Azazel, Rena, and Randy will appear in this new season joined with new characters.

This season will feature different forms for Bima-X. He now has four “modes” from the Power Stones he gained after defeating Rasputin, a red Flame Mode as his default form, a blue Storm Mode who wields a dualsword which also functions as a bow, a green, axe-wielding Earth Mode, and a purple Magnetic Mode, who has a sword railgun. Azazel as mentioned above also makes a comeback for the series, although without any changes to his design.

This season will feature a new villain boss, named Black Lord, mentioned as Black Priest in the last episode of the previous season. His three trusted minions are called Death Phantoms and they take human forms as their disguise. Rexor leads the Death Phantoms and he takes the form of Reza Alamsyah, a politician in his human disguise. Lady Mossa takes the form of Amestina Seraphine, a woman who runs a jewellery shop. Then, there’s Draconer with Chris Ruslan as his human form who works as a journalist.

Iron Mask will make an appearance this season, with new design and powers he supposedly got after he killed Rasputin.

The Japanese band flumpool will do the ending song this season. The opening song artist is currently undecided.

The new season will air on September 14th this year. There will be an hour special on September 7th titled Satria Garuda BIMA-X The New Beginning.


5 thoughts on “Bima X

  1. Hyped as fuck. The bad guys going incognito as humans and Bima using the Power stones as forms sounds like Wizard (hopefully this time done right).

    I’m counting on you Bima-Anon, thanks for the scoop.

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