Bima Satria Garuda – 26 [Final]


That was quick.
Torrent | DDL1 | DDL2


See you again in next season.

workraw bsg eps 26.mkv_snapshot_19.25_[2014.03.07_10.55.52]


Smile Precure. Am I right?

ss (2014-03-07 at 10.55.13)




7 thoughts on “Bima Satria Garuda – 26 [Final]

  1. Thank you so very much! Bima was an incredible ride, and it wouldn’t have been possible to enjoy it without you. Best wishes, Bima-Anon!

  2. Thanks you so much Bima-Anon team, for your time and dedication translating this Tokusatsu show…
    I hope you’ll translate the next satria series (if it will be made)

    P.S. : I don’t know why me -an Indonesian- watch this Indonesian Show with english subtitle. >_<

  3. Having some trouble with the batch torrent. There doesn’t seem to be a file on the other end — the link just directs to a blank page and doesn’t enable a download. I tried saving the link target but uTorrent says it’s not “valid bencoding” and won’t load it.

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