It’s 2014!

1508220_10202636390291581_798577437_nWe are sorry. We just took… erm… yeah… holiday.
Episode 24, 25, and 26 (final)… maybe next week.


15 thoughts on “It’s 2014!

    • Biasa nih orang Indonesia sukanya download. Dulu kenapa enggak nonton TV? Kalau enggak bisa nonton, toh ada tayangan ulangnya. Padahal ini buat konsumer luar Indonesia.

      • Setuju dengan anda. Orang Indonesia itu suka ngaret, ngutang, dan download. Makanya gak biasa nonton LoL…(semoga segala singgungan saya menjadikan subber ini lebih baik lagi) Aminnn

      • FYI
        1. Sori. Saya nonton setiap minggunya.
        2. Saya fansubber-nya kok.
        3. Sudah selesai semua sampai episode 26. Internet uploader-nya yang masih mati sampai sekarang.

  1. Spoilers: Bima dies (nah, just kidding)

    Once more I want to thank you guys for subbing this series for non-indonesian viewers. I did a couple of weeks ago a presentation about “religious/moral icons in southeast asian mass media” and used some screencaps from you to portray the 21st century idea of an “indonesian hero with indonesian values for the indonesian youth” (not exact quoting from the creator, but I recall it from an interview).

    My professor didn´t recall seeing any “indonesian” values in Bima, one of my fellow students said that Naruto was better and asked why Indonesia can´t create something like it.

    Nonetheless, it was an interesting topic.

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