Bima Satria Garuda – 13

[Bima-Anon] Bima Satria Garuda - 13.mkv_snapshot_07.17_[2013.09.23_11.22.01][Bima-Anon]_Bima_Satria_Garuda_-_13_[D9668156].mkv
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So, Bima is a stalker?


5 thoughts on “Bima Satria Garuda – 13

  1. I donĀ“t know you, but imo this has been the best episode so far (fight, story and cgi-wise). That TaJaDoRuxBima crossover is just beging to be made

    >So, Bima is a stalker?
    Nah, he just went Batman Detective mode.

    • Am i the only one who kinda wish they would reveal who Azazel later instead of one episode after? It sucks out all the mystery and badass for some reason.

      Oh well, the show is going to a right direction as of now. So i’ll just sit back and enjoy it anyhow.

  2. Damn this episode was great. The cobra fight was solid especially the Hurricanrana and rider kick (Garuda Crusher!!!). Do you know how many more episodes are there?
    it would be nice if it had 52 episodes…

  3. i’m just glad even tough using the TaJaDorRuxBima costume this one is nicely landed, i’m a toku fan specially for riders (‘,’ )a for a first-time attempt on this kind of production, Bandai and MNC and.. the “SOGO” dept store (if you know what i mean ^.^ ) really landed it nice~ compliment to you all and keep on the d*mn good job!!! MERDEKAAAAAAAA JAYA TERUS INDONESAHHHHH!!

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