Bima Satria Garuda – 03

[Bima-Anon] Bima Satria Garuda - 03.mkv_snapshot_14.44_[2013.07.16_07.55.03]

Know your enemy–with Google and Wikipedia.

Episode 3: DDL1 | DDL2 | Torrent

Oh… we have patches for episode 1 and 2.

Patch: 1 | 2


5 thoughts on “Bima Satria Garuda – 03

  1. The lizard suit was pretty meh. Maybe if they got rid of the upper dragon face and let that humanoid grin he had under it. I also hope that not ALL villains will have “evil, deep, gutural computer voice”. Some variety in voice acting is nice.

    The frog monster for next episode looks pretty cool, though. It even seems to have an ability (poison?)

  2. @akumatafur only that lizard monster suit designed by Indonesian crews,
    frog monster and other monsters suit designed by Ishimori Pro.

      • I ´m expecting (hervibore) animal villains for Gaimu

        Gorilla Monster against Banana Rider, Fruit Bat / Fruit Fly Monster against everyone.

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